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Melted butter, sugar and other ingredients are weight above the premixer.
In the premixer all the ingredients are mixed intensively together.
From the buffer tank (3) the molten chocolate/fat is pumped with the dosing pump (4) through the
Scraped surface heat exchanger (collotherm), where the chocolate forms its first seading-crystals ,which are necessary for the
aeration. The chocolate/ fat cream changes into plastic conditions.
Inside the scraped surface heat exchanger, and the jacketed and temperated piping after the
Colletherm and before the mixing head of the Converticoll , the necessary residence time is
created for further crystal formation and growth to be able to aerate the chocolate/fat compound .
The time will be up to 3-4 minutes.
The plastified chocolate/fat cream now arrives into the continuous aerating head of the Converticoll, where it get its foam and body.
From there the creme is either going to an extruder or depositor.
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