Dry ingredient mixer for enclosures in foam

This mixer has been developed for in-line introduction of dry ingredients into an aerated product. The system is designed to exclude formation of grains or crystals while mixing. The maximum capacity to mix for example granulated sugar and egg whites in the Collette DIM 1000 is 1000 kg.at 1000 l. per hour. Each product has its own specifications, which is why the maximum dosing capacity can vary.

The dry ingredients are kept in a reservoir underneath the mixer. Nuts, chocolate pieces, sugars, flour or fruits can be added. The dry ingredients reach the aerated product via a vibrating sieve and a spiral. Flow rate and speed can be regulated.

Underneath the dosing system is the mixer that consists of two compartments. The first one is an endless screw that takes care of the transportation of the dry ingredients and the foam towards the second compartment, being the mixer. It is a blender that can be installed according to the product. The final product comes out in-line at the heart of the chain or dosing installation. Mixing speed and angle can be regulated.

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