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Project Management
The ASJO Consultants team has the expertise and the skills to manage your complete project.
Once the customer has revealed his needs and explained his User Requirements the ASJO Consultants Project Team comes into action.
The first action to take place is an internal meeting with the Sales people of ASJO Consultants to draw a detailed project plan, send out an order confirmation and arrange a kick off meeting with the customer.
During this kick off meeting, with the customer, every single detail of the order confirmation will be discussed including the schedule and the requirements for utilities.
All milestones will be discussed and important meeting moments will be scheduled.
Once the installation is ready in our factory, the customer will be invited to attend the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) to verify the contract against the delivered installation.
After FAT, the installation will be disassembled and packed.
After the shippers release the consignment, the goods are shipped to the customer.
When notified the installation engineers of ASJO Consultants will travel to the customer to erect the installation and do the start up.
After start up, extensive time will be foreseen to train the staff of the customers, instructing the operators and go into details of the documentation, to focus on the priorities for conducting and ensuring preventative maintenance. Failure analysis is also a part of this training for the maintenance people.

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