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Most important of course is that the installation is designed and exectuted to the actual hygienic standard designs as there are 3A and EHEDG.
As in accordance with the skinner circle, all criteria are important.
1) Design of the process and knowing the products which are processed.
2) Used detergent depending on the processed products.
3) Time to apply the detergent and the different cleaning cycles.
4) Temperature at which the detergent perfoms best.
5) Impact of the cleaning aganets on tank walls etc.
6) Velocity of the cleaning agent through the pipes.
7) Quality and validation of the cleaning process.

1) The first solution is to use the system holding tanks as a buffer and use an additional pump to give enough mechanic force through the lines to clean intensively.
By putting a return cip line, the installation can be intensively cleaned. Altough if more tanks are involved and a complete process is to be cleaned a seaprate cip skid is more recommended.

2) Complete automatic cip system
The compete cleaning cycle will then be performed by the programm.
The following parts are essential then.
1) a pre rinse tank
2) a detergent tank with heating and insulation
3) a final rinse tank
4) a plate heat exchanger to heat up the cleaing fluid as desired
5) injection of detergent or sanitizer in the line in accordance with the selected recipe
6) feed CIP + pumps to give a positive pressure in the system
7) a return cip pump to return the cleaning fluid back to the system
8) necessary valves and checks

The complete programm executed by the PLC and visualized by the HMI.

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