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About us
ASJO Consultants is the first and only inventor of the axial flow mixing heads.
More than 40 years experience in continuous, and automatic aeration for the Food Industry all over the world !
We can assist to automate your production in the Bakery -, Dairy -, Sugar - and Flour Confectionery Industry.

ASJO Consultants                       email: info@asjoconsultants.com                                                      Phone: +31 (0) 297 344 050  
                                                                                                                                                              Fax    : +31 (0) 297 343 991

ASJO Consultants
Hornweg 235 
1432 GK Aalsmeer
The Netherlands

Phone  +31 297 344 050
Fax:     +31 297 343 991

email: info@asjoconsultants.com

Our Goal is to build machines and implement them in complete line solutions to the benefit of our customer.
Our intention is to give the customer all the necessary support to turn his project into a successful solution.
Our customer's  success will reflect back to us and will establish a long relationship in trust and reliability.
We want to create a relationship where the customer reflects back to us as his reliable partner.
Our machines and installations are designed to the latest industrial standards, with a strong focus on energy consumption and the environmental footprint they create.
Hygienic standards are followed, EHEDGH and 3A are incorporated in the design and manufacturing.