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2nd Hand Confectionary
Continuous cooker line CC1500
for marshmallow - jellys
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Continuous coil cooker with expansion chamber.
This cooker is designed for the production of formed soft candies as.
* Angel kiss
    * Easter eggs
    * Choco pies
    * Jellies
    * Marshmallow
    * Zephyr pectin mallow
    * Jet puff marshmallow
    * Fruit chews
    * Gums
    The coil cooker is designed to cook sugar for a capacity of 1200 kg/hour.
The cooker has a spiral with a good surface ratio to cook the mass in a stainless steam bell.
The maximum designed work pressure is 9, 14 bar of steam.
The cooker is foreseen with a thick layer of insulation and a jacket of polished stainless steel.
The capacity of the cooker can be regulated by means off 4 condensation taps.
Included in the delivery is:
-    a vacuum regulation valve
-    a 3 way valve to recirculate the product during start up
-    a rvs flash chamber for the extraction of the vapours
-    an analogue manometer
-    a pt 100 on the outlet of the cooker which regulate the steam supply valve to obtain a constant sugar temperature and quality is obtained by each capacity
-    complete with test certificates etc.

AERATOR CVC 500 aerator which aerates and mixes marshmallow foam, angel kiss, choco pie, jellies.