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2nd Hand Bakery
MPH150 planetary mixer
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Range 100 500 kg/hour depending on the product
The Mixing Head, fitted with pins is made of AISI 316. Other contacts are made of AISI 304 The foaming
occurs in a closed mixing head of a continuous system. There are 2 injection points which can be used
for colouring or flavouring the product. The more air, the lighter the product will be.
Including pump
Including control cabinet
COLLETTE MPH 150 Planetary Mixer which is designed for the mixing and moistening of dry powders. A VERY homogenous and intensive mixing is possible because of the planetary movement. The vertical design ensures that no packings or seals are in contact with product during mixing which also avoids cross contamination. Material is 304L on all contact parts.Sanitising process directly through bowl base or by means of circulatory pump. An inbuilt hydraulic unit enables the bowl to be raised or lowered. Controls are located on the operator panel on the main cabinet. The bowl capacity is 150L and it is possible to process batches from 1/3 to 2/3 of the total content. The lid is fixed to the head of the machine & fully encloses the bowl in a working position. It is fitted with a fill opening.
Weight given is for Mixer only -905kg
Mixer motor: 4kW
Automatic dough weighing and mixing tank

300 litre contents
with cabinet  and PLC
mounted on weighing  cells
with pneumatic valves
and Cip installation
anchor stirrer