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2nd Hand Chocolate
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Cooling belt to be placed after enrober

Increased capacity and out put volume of pralines and chocolate based products can be obtained by means of a cooling tunnel. Once enrobed products enters the conveyor on the cooling tunnel there is an open length of 1,0 m for manual or mechanical decoration of the products. In the end of the cooling tunnel is an open packing table of 1 m. Equipped with a separate driving unit, and by this concept be independent of the enrober. The temperature in the cooling tunnel is controlled by electronics with digital read out. The cooling tunnels can be delivered with 2 thermostats for different temperature in inlet and outlet end. Inside the cooling section is the compressor, 2 evaporators and 2 ventilators. This system creates a double circulation of cold air to the ends of the tunnel. By this circulation the loss of cold air is minimal.
Dimensions, data, etc.
Belt width:      40
Length:           Length +/- 10m
Belt speed:    Standard belt speed is variable between 0,0 - 3,0 m/min.

Chocolate  storage tank 2000 litre


The enrober is a universal enrobing machine that is equipped for full, partial
enrobing as well as bottoming. Converting the machine from one type of enrobing to another can be done fast and easily.
The machine is equipped with a filtering system that prevents solid particles from entering the
Chocolate system.
The machine is completely made of stainless steel for easy maintenance and hygienic purposes.
The enrober is a mono-block construction with following components:
  coming from the enrobing pump can be regulated electronically.
The enrobing gutter creates a double curtain of chocolate.  The gutter itself is height adjustable.
"  Before and after the filtering system there are valves so that the filter can be taken out and
  cleaned without spilling any chocolate when the machine still contains chocolate.
"  The level detection
high-output air-blowing unit can be adjusted in height and in angle.

Chocolate melt tank 500 litre

anchor stirrer